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     Each brand has it’s own unique and exclusive history of creation. The history of the Maison d’ intérieur français Artichoke has begun at 2007, which seems to be not too much time. But there was done too much during these 7 years, so long and so fast-going at the same time. Looking back we can see that everything has been done right.

     Where did the idea of creation of the French furniture brand in Ukraine come from? It was a lot of risks at that time, whether the Ukrainian women like such difficult for our perception style as the French one is. But I felt it in my bones that every woman would like to awake in this beauty, to have a dinner with close people at an elegant, made of real wood table. French furniture isn’t just a functional sliding wardrobe or ergonomically designed sofa. It contains history, heritage, knowledge and emotions of several generations. It brings harmony, refinement and elegance to your home.
     The idea of “Artichoke” was born when I saw a cupboard while visiting the Maison&Objet.
I was looking for furniture for myself there. There was the place where I felt in love with antique furniture and all my doubts had disappeared. There are 3 brand collections which reflect French Provence, Normandy and Palace styles.
     Thank You for your support and love to such amazing and beautiful style and for creating the beauty with us.

     With love to your home, Julia Zavalnyuk.

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